Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Christmas Time Photo Catch-up

So I just realized that we never posted any of our Photos from JJ’s first Christmas and a few other events in December.  I am going to try out a new layout for pictures.   It groups them into photo albums.  I am not sure how it will turn out, but hopefully you will still be able to see all the pictures.

First up is a few pictures from Rick & Nick’s (BJ’s brother in law & Brother) family birthday party…

BJ and I had a bit of fun decorating the cake.  Since Nick is in the National Guard the camo was for him.  While the animals and trees are for Rick since he likes to hunt.  Personally I think the anteater animal is a bit too creepy for my liking.

Next up snow pictures from one of BJ’s trips to Schweitzer Mountain…


A few days before Christmas Santa also made a stop over at Aunt Missy Caudle’s house.  This was the second time that JJ saw Santa, unfortunately each visit had the same result…JJ crying.  He is still pretty adorable though.


I think that about brings us to Christmas Morning.  We were living with BJ’s parents at that time which was really nice as it sure made Christmas morning fun.  Uncle Nick was also there.  JJ didn’t really know what to do with his presents.  So BJ and I had to unwrap them all.  He did learn a new trick though he would clap his hands and yell…YAY! After each present.  It was really cute.



JJ and cousin Joey Christmas Afternoon.  They are such cuties.



BJ thinking its funny to cover me with anything and everything available while I take a Sunday nap.  Stinker.  It was actually pretty comfy as I was finally warm with the pillows and blankets over me. 


I think that brings us up to the present time.  Christmas was a lot of fun.  JJ actually did pretty good not playing with the Christmas tree.  Every time he got close to it we would say no and he would know he was in trouble.  The smaller tree downstairs at the parents, however, was an entirely different story.  He pulled that one down on him twice, crying each time.   Silly kid.  He is always good for entertainment.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Pics of our New House


So I am finally posting pictures of our new house that we bought.  We are  excited to join the homeowner category.  I am sure that this excitement will wear off in April when we start paying the mortgage!  So for those that are far away and won’t be able to see our new home, please enjoy the pictures of our humble abode. 



Front Yard


Living room



Living Room/Hallway to Master Bed



Master Bedroom – We LOVE the tall ceilings


Closet & Master Bath off of Master Bedroom


Above pic is taken from Living Room Looking into Kitchen/Dining


Dining Room


The office



JJ’s Room!



JJ had just waken up from his nap.  Cute fella


Laundry Room / Entrance to Garage


These shelves were a housewarming gift from BJ’s brother Casey.  I do believe he made them himself. Thanks Casey!!!


The garage/BJ’s workshop/playhouse


The back yard


View from the back yard.  We are really lucky with this view. The picture doesn’t really do it justice.  Canfield Mountain looks a lot bigger than it is in the photo.  Behind the fence if farmland.  There are a still a few big farm fields mixed into the suburbs here.  Its kinda refreshing and nice.  We will see what they plant in the spring. 


So that is our home.  I missed a picture of the kitchen apparently.  I took one, it just didn’t make it into the camera.  All well.  We feel incredibly blessed to be able to get our own home and one as nice as this.  Cant’ wait until we get to paint!  Just remind me that I said that when we are painting and I am complaining of having to paint walls.

Hope everyone is doing well wherever you are.  We wish you well and miss you all!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Amanda Fowler’s Baby Shower – Better Late than Never Right?

So below I am going to be posting the pics that I took at Amanda’s baby shower for the twins.  Sorry I am so late getting these up.  The shower was several months ago.  Hope you enjoy…


Ok these next few photos are where we played the game titled “How Prego Can You Go”  We split up into two teams who had to blow up balloons and stuff as many as possible into the “preggo” persons clothes.  I was told afterwards that the balloons I picked were pretty hard to blow up.  Sorry guys!  By the way Tami and Missy are really sporting those balloons quite well. 

IMG_2755 IMG_2754

The next photos are from the game where people teamed up into pairs and tried to write their own words to the Oreo Jingle song.  There were some really funny ones.  I wish I could have video’d them to post, but BJ is the video guru not me and he was in class that night :(. 

IMG_2759 IMG_2758

The next few photos are of Amanda’s insane but much needed present stash.  That tub in the picture was full of clothes given to her by her mother and I believe her Grandma (I hope I didn’t get that wrong)  She got so many cute outfits and handy stuff.  Those twins are sure to be dressed pretty stylish. 

IMG_2761 IMG_2762

IMG_2763 IMG_2764

So that's all I got folks.  It was a fun night and I am so glad that Amanda, Jeff, and Brenton were able to come down and visit with us.  It was fun having them around for a bit.  Poor Brenton had just had his tonsils out that week so he was a bit under the weather.  I am jealous of all the popsicles he got to eat though.  JJ sure had fun with his uncle Jeff.  He now loves the voice of Donald Duck.  I bet the twins first laughs and giggles will be caused by his funny Donald Duck impersonations.  Amanda and Jeff are so cute together, they make a great team.  So glad they were able to find each other.

A few Pics of JJ

JJ High Chair

JJ relaxin before eating at Grandma Fowlers

JJ Bath Tub

I took this photo with my phone so it is a bit fuzzy but it cracks me up.  It looks like he is posing for the camera like you would see in a professional photo.  The little stinker.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

We’re All Moved In!

Wow, can’t believe that we bought a house.  We’ve been in for about 2 weeks now.  We have found just a few kinks, like the ceiling fan in the living room that won’t work.  Well the lights work, but we can’t seem to get the fan mechanism to turn on.  We turned the coat closet in the laundry room into a much needed pantry closet and need to finish caulking the tile around the kitchen counters.  But that is all we have found so far.  I think that is pretty good!  We are loving the house and are trying to figure out painting colors for once we get our tax return.  HMMM, maybe I should focus more on actually getting our taxes done first. 


Other great news – JJ is walking.  He is so cute.  He will get about 4-5 steps in and then get so excited with himself that he falls on his behind.  He has had some really good walking stints where he makes it about 20 feet, but that has only happened a few times.  I still haven’t figured out how to get videos from my phone on here so that you can see it.  I think BJ will have to take them on his phone as my video format on my phone is different than what I need.  JJ is going to be turning 11 months in another week.  I can’t believe that he is almost a year old!  He is also getting very vocal.  He has to eat everything on his own and hates if I give him bites of food, unless they are marshmallows from my off brand lucky charms cereal.  Aren’t I a good mom, filling my kid up with sugar in the morning.  At least I am sharing right?!  JJ loves his new home, but is missing the grandparents.  Previously we were staying with BJ’s parents, so JJ had a bunch of admirers and attention.  Now whenever they visit he gets all giggly and gets a big smile on his face.  It is really cute.  He was showing off for Grandma Fowler earlier today when she stopped by.  He is such a cute little boy.  I love being a mom. 


My job is also changing up a bit.  I am working for a DME company and have been challenging all of their denials from the insurance companies.  I have to appeal the denials.  As of March 1st we will now be switching from 1 biller to 3.  They are hiring on another biller and switching my job up a bit.  Instead of me doing all the appeals for all of the locations around the US, I will be doing the billing/appeals for the Fife location.  Each biller will get a location or two (depending on the volume of sales from each location) and will handle all the billing and appeals for those locations.  So I am excited for the change.  Now I won’t get too depressed from dealing with messed up files all day every day and will get to do some regular work to get my mind off it now and then. 


So that is all our news these past few weeks.  We will try to get some pics of JJ and the house up soon.  I wanted to wait until I got some decorations up on the wall so since that is now done I have no excuse.  BJ is here complaining that he didn’t get his own paragraph about what is new with him so I guess I can say that he is getting his building/handyman skills up to par.  He is the one that built our pantry shelves and installed our bed frame tonight.  He even cooked dinner tonight.  Aren’t I lucky!  He has been working hard with classes on Tuesday and Thursday nights and working at the spa cover place full time.  He also has two websites that he is working on designing (designed by jeebs grafx).  He is such a hard worker. 

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Countdown to Moving Day

We were able to walk thru the house tonight.  The renters are out and they cleaned it immaculately.  That’s great news as now I don’t have to worry about cleaning it when we move in.  We will definitely have to do some painting as there are some nice big screw holes in the walls.  At least they patched them up nicely, but they need some paint.  We will probably hold off on that for a bit until we can decide what colors we want though. 

BJ says he has already started his idea “log” for things he wants to do to the place.  He is so funny. I am excited to move, but not exited to say good bye to our Savings account or to sign all those papers tomorrow.  All well, can’t get something for nothing. 

JJ was interesting today.  He was very whiney.  I am wondering if he is teething again.  He had a busy day.  Playing with my computer plug-in again, ripping off the binding on one of the grandparents books, pouring out some lighter fluid from the pantry, slamming cabinet doors on his hands and saying “owww”.  That last one unfortunately was pretty cute.  I’ll try to upload the video from my cell phone.  

Saturday, January 16, 2010

What a way to end the workweek!

So we got good news today.  Our bank is ready to finance the loan as of the 26th of January.  The renters that currently reside in the house though won’t be out until the 30th.  So that means that we are closing on the 3rd of February and should get the keys no later than Friday the 5th.  HOOORAY!!!!  

BJ and I can’t wait to get moved back into town.  All this driving back and forth from the parents to work is too much!  It literally takes 2 hours out of your day.  I know some of you city living folks will say that spending that amount of time in your car is just a way of life.  But there is a reason we don’t live in the big cities.  If we did, we would probably have serious cases of road rage and our Psychiatrists would force us to move back to the rural country where you can get to the closest grocery store in 15 minutes not an hour.  Oh, I can’t wait. 

I also am testing JJ to see how smart he is.  He likes to play with the toilet paper dispenser in the bathroom.  He turns it and turns it till there is a big pile on the floor.  I finally got tired of it today and realized that he only turns the roll one direction.  So I took the dispenser rod and flipped it around.  So now when he rolls it, it keeps it the paper wrapped up instead of unrolling it.  This will be a real test of his brains, I am waiting to see how long it takes for him to figure out all he has to do is roll it the other way.  It is one of those circumstances that I hope that he doesn’t figure it out, simply for my own nerves.  But secretly I hope that he does because that will mean that he is a smart kid.

BJ has been busy this week making a video for Cedar MT Spa Covers.  It is something that they can burn onto a DVD and send out to all their customers to give them an overview of their products, quality of materials, and educate them on how to fill out an order form correctly and order online.  We just watched it.  It’s really cool.  He did an excellent job.  He is also busy designing a website for a friend of ours.  I am sure he is getting tired of working all day at his normal job and then coming home and working on his design/video projects.  Combine that with his night web design courses on Tuesday and Thursday, he doesn’t get to play very much.  Poor fella.  Can’t wait till someday his design business is busy enough that he doesn’t have to do both jobs.  Maybe it will even be busy enough that I don’t have to work.  A girl can dream.  I have faith that it will happen though.  He is determined enough to make it work. 

Loves to all the family & friends – we miss those that are far away!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Summer Lake Fun - 2009

BJ getting some air on the wakeboard

JJ’s first boating trip.  Thanks to friend Lizzy for lending the cute hat.  He slept for about 3 1/2 hours on that boat. 

JJ & Mommy playing at Tubbs Hill.  BJ is off swimming in the cold water. 

Daddy snorkeling at Tubbs Hill.  He is crazy as that water was freezing!

Daddy being silly.  Showing off his muscles climbing rocks over at Tubbs Hill.

Look at that Tummy!

BJ & his brother Casey checking out Lake Coeur d’Alene

Janalee trying her luck Wake Surfing. 

Aunt Missy & Little JJ

JJ playing with Aunt Missy's Kittens

More Pics from Summer

This was taken at Lake Wallowa over in Oregon over the 4th of July

My little sweet boy, Laying in the Grass at Lake Wallowa – 3 1/2 Months Old.

Look Mom – I can eat my hands! – 3 1/2 Months

JJ and Uncle John taken at Lake Wallowa – 4th of July

JJ’s first Razor Scooter Ride.  He’s pimped out for it, but not liking it much!

Rest Stop on the way home from Lake Wallowa.  JJ & Daddy

The Perry family – 4th of July 2009 – Lake Wallowa State Park