Monday, September 22, 2008

Crazy Weekend

Wow, well this weekend was productive and crazy. It all started on Friday night with our neighbors partying it up as usual. It was weird as this was the first night in a long time that I actually konked out for the entire night! I mean, no getting up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, nothing. I even slept through the neighbors partying, (BJ not so lucky) and then I even woke up at 7:30 in the morning wide awake! Amazing what a good nights sleep can do.

BJ being the crazy kid he is, decided to make a bunch of noise in the garage that morning trying to get back at the partying neighbors. So we decided to start cleaning out the garage at 7:30 am. We organized things to sell on craigslist, threw away a bunch of stuff and made a thrift shop pile. Then of course there was the 4-wheeler, that had to be moved (hence started up and made a LOT of noise) to make room for our organizing. LOL. I'm sure they loved that, then again they were probably too drunk to even hear it. We finished that by 9:30 in the morning and were at a loss of what to do, except for the 5 boxes that we had moved inside the house. Now the inside of the house looked messier than the garage! So we spent the rest of the morning organizing the boxes and putting it away. BJ ran into two Mini-DV tapes that he had recorded from when he was on his mission in Japan. Those were fun to watch.

Then we went out and Janalee bought her first bunch of maternity clothes. Wow - they are so much more comfortable than regular clothes. But still - why can't they make cute maternity pants. I mean - just because we are fat, doesn't mean we don't want to look cute! Hardly any of them had cute pockets or were faded in the appropriate spots to make you look thinner. It was aggravating. Luckily the one cute pair that I found actually did fit me (although, still pretty big, they will work for a while).

Other news - BJ got a new calling this Sunday. He is now the Young Mens First Councellor. We were scared at first that when they reorganized it he might be taken out of the Young Mens, but are so glad they kept him in. He enjoys it so much. Still no news on a co-teacher for me though. I think I am going to loose my mind :).

Oh - I forgot the best part though - Saturday night.... Janalee told off the neighbors. Ya, so this time, BJ was konked out, and they started up their ping pong ball championship in the garage again, so Janalee, hops out of bed, gets out the lease agreement to see if she can find any help there...nothing. So she puts matters into her own hands and stomps out to the neighbors garage. She bangs really hard twice on the garage, scaring the boys inside. Here is the transcription....

Boy 1: "What was that?"
Boy 2: "It wasn't you?"
Janalee: "It was me"
Boy 1: "Who is Me?"
Janalee: "Your neighbor"
Boy 2: "Oh Crap"
Janalee: "Do you guys realize that we can hear everything you say and do in there?"
Boy 1: "No, I had no idea"
Janalee: "I realize you guys have only lived here for 2 weeks, but you partied the first weekend, then last night, and then again tonight. If it doesn't stop, I will get the police and management involved."
Boy 1: "We didn't know"
Janalee: "What did you expect, you moved into family housing!"

Then I walk away.

I kind of feel bad about it now. There are a bunch of better ways to handle the situation than getting mad at them. I hate to think of having a bad relationship with my neighbors. But hey, I am a grouchy pregnant women when my sleep is in jeopardy. They have been quiet so far since then, but we will see.

So that was our weekend!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Update to September 2008

So I completely forgot that I had started this blog and had decided to start a new one when I logged on and it was already here! Surprise. So I guess I better update you with what has been happening this past year. Lets see, BJ and I have been married for a year & a half now. Seems crazy that time passes by so quickly and yet so slowly :).

We are currently living in a 3 bedroom 2 1/2 bathroom duplex. We have been living here for 11 months now. It was great getting to move out of that cute, but tiny 1 bedroom apartment. Casey, BJ's 24 year old brother lives with us as well. That way it was easier to afford the extra rent. He is fun to have around, and makes us laugh a lot. We are looking forward to the time we can afford to maybe move out and rent a house though. Our new neighbors like to party every night until 2 am. They have a ping pong table in their garage and love to drink and party. UGGGH.

BJ is in school again, that started up last month. He is in his 2nd year at NIC in the graphic design program. He is enjoying getting to learn a whole bunch of neat stuff and show off. Well, he doesn't show off on purpose, but his classmates are usually jealous of his work. He is also working two jobs during full time school. We like to keep ourselves busy apparently :). He is doing an internship at the CDA press (local newspaper). There he works in the design department putting together ads for the newspapers in the area. He also works several hours a week at his previous job, Cedar MT. Spa covers. There he cuts & designs the spa covers prior to them being sewn and stuffed. He enjoys his coworkers there. They are a bunch of guys who like to joke around a lot!!! He also currently serves as the Young Men Secretary at church. It is his dream calling and he enjoys it alot. He gets to keep being a young boy every week :).

Janalee is still working full time at Home Med Plus, a durable medical equipment company. She has worked there for about a year and a half. Their sales office is in Fife, WA, and she does all the billing and bookkeeping for them. She enjoys it as she gets to spend time in an office by herself without all the company DRAMA! She also works part time doing some other medical equipment billing at home for another company. This provides her with guilt free money to spend on fun things like furniture :). Speaking of, they purchased some 3 weeks ago which has still yet to arrive, athough technically it should have only taken 10-14 days. GRRR. Anyways, i digress. Janalee is also serving as a ward Primary Teacher. She is in charge of the CTR 5 class. There are about 12-8 kids on a weekly basis, and they are a handful! Hopefully they will refill her co-teacher spot so that there are two teachers. It is really hard to keep track of them all going to the bathroom, class, and drinking fountain when there is only one teacher!

The Fowler family has more good news though. There will be an addition to the family next year. Thats right, March 19th, 2009. BJ and Janalee are expecting a hopefully cute little bundle of joy. They won't find out if it's a boy or a girl for a couple more months though, so keep your hats on. They are both really excited, but Janalee is starting to get really scared/ancy! You know her she likes to try to plan everything out, and is finding it hard to when the nursery is currently being rented out and she doesn't know what she is having yet. Guess that's why God invented patience, and perhaps, thats something she really needs to learn. LOL. BJ is hoping for a boy and Janalee is hoping for a girl. So either way they will be happy.

This summer was a lot of fun for the Fowler family. They got to travel down to St. Anthony's for a nice fourwheeling and family reunion trip. They got entirely fried,(pictures to come) but had a blast. BJ & Janalee got to hang out with BJ's Brother Matt & their family as well as Jeff, and Casey. It was a lot of fun. Only one hitch in the event though when BJ got sand in his eye and got it scratched so badly they had to cancel their camping and book it to the hotel. Not to mention the fact that he was dehydrated and burnt to a crisp by this point, AC was much needed. During the trip they made it to the Hix family reunion (Janalee's side) in Idaho Falls. It was fun seeing a bunch of family that they hadn't seen for a while. Many of whom BJ had never even met! Unfortunatley BJ had to head back home that afternoon leaving Janalee for a whole week. Luckily she got to spend that entire week with her family. Especially since this was the first time that year she had seen them. Trips to the Zoo, trips to see Grandpa Hymas, Trips to the swimming hole, and most importantly the fancy parade in Glenns Ferry. All memories that were made and cherished.

I believe that is the jyst or at least the main highlights to bring you up to the current date. Now that I have remembered about this blog, expect to see me here more often.
 We ran into this sign on top of a dam during some sight seeing with our friends Audrey and Seth Wilde up in Montana. We can see how they feel about wives up there!
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BJ playing in the Gift Shop

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BJ saw this hat and just couldn't resist trying it on. Looks pretty natural doesn't it.