Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Preggo Belly


So here is a picture of my pregnant belly. Sorry, this is the best that you get. I hid from any camera possible while I was pregnant. This was taken at Casey & Tami Fowler's wedding on March 6th. So that was about 2 weeks before my due date of the 20th.
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Monster Jam - Feb 09


So to keep our winter boredom at bay BJ, Janalee, Rick & Missy, Casey & Tami, and Tami's parents and sister all went off to see Monster Jam in Spokane. It was awesome as always. Janalee wore earplugs while BJ and Casey screamed their heads off at the loud trucks. Their favorite was Captain America who was 10 times louder than the rest of them. It was all pretty sweet. Except for the stupid robots that came out during intermission times. They were kind of boring, but designed to entertain the kiddos. All in all it was a fun night. I was hoping that the noise from the trucks would send me into early labor, but had no such luck.
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Winter Snow Storm


So here is one picture of all the snow that hit us. This is only about half of the snow that actually fell in December. But I don't have any pictures downloaded to my computer yet of the full effect. we had over 3 feet of snow within 72 hours! We still have a pile of snow in our yard that is about 2 feet tall from where we shoveled our roof off. It was amazing. The poor snow plows were running for weeks and still couldn't get caught up because it kept falling. All of our roads were single lane roads because the snow berms were piled up so high on the sides of the roads. For those of us driving small cars, like me, I couldn't even see oncoming traffic when pulling out of parking lots because of the snow berms. So thank goodness it has all melted!
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