Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Christmas Time Photo Catch-up

So I just realized that we never posted any of our Photos from JJ’s first Christmas and a few other events in December.  I am going to try out a new layout for pictures.   It groups them into photo albums.  I am not sure how it will turn out, but hopefully you will still be able to see all the pictures.

First up is a few pictures from Rick & Nick’s (BJ’s brother in law & Brother) family birthday party…

BJ and I had a bit of fun decorating the cake.  Since Nick is in the National Guard the camo was for him.  While the animals and trees are for Rick since he likes to hunt.  Personally I think the anteater animal is a bit too creepy for my liking.

Next up snow pictures from one of BJ’s trips to Schweitzer Mountain…


A few days before Christmas Santa also made a stop over at Aunt Missy Caudle’s house.  This was the second time that JJ saw Santa, unfortunately each visit had the same result…JJ crying.  He is still pretty adorable though.


I think that about brings us to Christmas Morning.  We were living with BJ’s parents at that time which was really nice as it sure made Christmas morning fun.  Uncle Nick was also there.  JJ didn’t really know what to do with his presents.  So BJ and I had to unwrap them all.  He did learn a new trick though he would clap his hands and yell…YAY! After each present.  It was really cute.



JJ and cousin Joey Christmas Afternoon.  They are such cuties.



BJ thinking its funny to cover me with anything and everything available while I take a Sunday nap.  Stinker.  It was actually pretty comfy as I was finally warm with the pillows and blankets over me. 


I think that brings us up to the present time.  Christmas was a lot of fun.  JJ actually did pretty good not playing with the Christmas tree.  Every time he got close to it we would say no and he would know he was in trouble.  The smaller tree downstairs at the parents, however, was an entirely different story.  He pulled that one down on him twice, crying each time.   Silly kid.  He is always good for entertainment.

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Holy cow that is hilarious the picture of your nap.
Your little guy is adorable!
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