Monday, December 8, 2008

The Verdict

Well, when I got home on Thursday night, I was the first one home. BJ was still at work and wouldn't get home for another 1/2 hour. Guess what I found...The door locked. Now it was unlocked when we left this morning. So the Management company locked it after leaving the keys inside the house. Wasn't that nice of them! Let see, the house was unlocked when I got here, the owners only have one keys to the house which is why i am bringing them copies...Lets lock the door with the keys inside! GRRR. So I sat in my car until BJ got home.

They took the remote with them and left us a note saying that they will be back to finish the remote and the carpet. So all they did was drop off the keys and lock the door on us. So ya, I would say that they failed the test. But luckily they did drop off the right keys! Now we can wait and see how long it takes them before they come back to give us the opener and the keys. Probably not until the new year.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

The Management Company Test

Ok, so we have lived at our new rental House for about 5 weeks now, and it seems like our Management company has developed a disease that makes their brains function at the level of a 3 year old, maybe even less. Our current Management company is the same management company that we had for our previous place of residence, so we have over a year of history with them. We never complained at our old place, even though they moved in 4 college students who like to party and spoke pot into a duplex filled with families and kids. Or that they took our water nozzles outside our duplex and put locks on them so that no one could access the water. Still we never complained. Now however, it has just been too much. So here is the current story and timeline. The test is to see if they solve the problem this week.

We moved in on October 25th and were given one set of keys, one programmed garage remote, and one garage remote that needed programmed (there are three of us living there, BJ, Casey, and I so more sets were needed). I go to Home Depot and get key copies...key copies don't work. Go back to Home Depot to have them redone, The brilliant technician keys the good key to the bad keys. Now none of our keys work. Yay! I have to travel to the neighboring town of Post Falls to go to the management office to get new keys. I have to pay an additional key deposit as well as $3 a key. Sweet - our keys work! We also have a garage remote that works, but the other one won't program (we are guessing that they gave us one with a dead battery)

About 3 weeks later BJ gets a phone call from D & M Management Company saying that they are coming out the next day to change our locks. Wait, What, Why!? So I give them a call. Apparently our locks weren't changed from the last tenants before we moved in, so the previous tenants could still have a key to our house and could gain access. My thoughts - wow, that would have been a great thing to be aware of when moving into the house in the first place. So I inform them about our key situation and the fact that we paid them extra deposits and money for key copies so to make sure that when they change the locks to bring 3 good key copies with them. Also we talked about the other maintenance items that needed done, the garage remote, our toilet, and some carpet needed tacked down. The lady said she would have them all taken care of at the same time (I had to rig our upstairs bathroom toilet with yarn for 3 weeks to get it to flush!)

So the next day they come out, Bj is home sick and not really aware of what is going on. Later on in the day after they left, he notices that there in one key on the table. Thats right, one not three. So he calls me up and I tell him to call D & M and see what can be done. This is a Friday right before Thanksgiving week. Aparently they will be gone all next week so if we want key copies he will have to go get them. Good thing he was sick as otherwise we would both be at work and wouldn't be able to. So he goes out to Post Falls again and gets key copies. Unfortunately we find out later that night when we are both home, that the copies are bad. They are of the old locks and don't work. BRILLIANT. Now we can't lock our house again for another week until they get back to the office after the holidays. Not to mention the fact that they didn't program the remote or tack down the carpet. Luckily though, the toilet was fixed.

So that brings us up to the current week. I called and explained the situation to one of the office staff and she says, Well I can't help you with the keys but I can put in a maintenance request for the other items. Are you Serious?! So she says she will have the office manager call me back. Never Happens. I call the next day, and request the office manager, explain the situation. She apologizes and says she will make a maintenance order for the following day and make sure that he brings two more key copies with him for the doors. I am thinking - thank you - was that really so hard!

So the test is today. They are scheduled to come out either today or tomorrow to fix the remote, the carpet, and leave us key copies. So anyone want to bet whether or not they will get it right this time? I am betting that something will go wrong and at least one of the items will not get completed, whether the keys are still bad or he doesn't program the remote. What do you think?