Saturday, October 1, 2011

Super Hero's to the rescue

It's been one of THOSE days. You know, you think that you are doing so well and are going to fit everything in, then CRASH, BANG, &#!?)!! it all falls apart. Now I am back at home writing this laughing my head off at all the embarrasment, and thankful to the ladies that came to my rescue.

So lets see, today started off AMAZING. I got to listen to conference. I had it blaring throughout the house while I deep cleaned by stove and finally cleaned those pesky lids on my spice rack that were covered with grease. Re-arranged the kitchen counters a bit and listened to some amazing talks. My favorite was President Uchtdorf's talk. I took from it, in the matters of the universe, I might be small and meaningless. But I mean everything to HIM, my heavenly father. Thats a good feeling.

So after the morning session of conference. Cooper, my 8 month old settled in for a long nap. So I took the chance to go outside and paint the trim on our house. It worked out perfectly. I love the color (dark dark blue) and Cooper woke up right when I finished. JJ got to play outside. Perfect.

So then Lunch time, kids were great. They both ate which was a feat for JJ lately. So I settled in to watch the second session of conference. JJ went down for a nap so I could just sit, listen, and fold laundry. Another perfect 2 hours.

BJ got home around 3:30 as we were lucky and he was invited to help out and work on a construction project to earn a little extra moolah. So I figured, I better make my store run with the truck (single vehicle family) before he needed it to get to the priesthood session at the church at 5:00. So I got Cooper dressed (JJ stayed home with daddy) and we headed out to the store. I got to the store at 4:10 (I had 35 minutes to get home, doing good). Got everything I needed, I was doing good on time, it was 4:30, still had 15 minutes. Made it to the cash register, 3/4 of the way through ringing up the food guess what I discover. MY WALLET WAS NOT IN MY PURSE! Haha, of course, it was sitting right on top of the desk where I left it this morning when I got out my insurance card to copy. Here is where my first super hero entered. The cashier calmly said, "Don't worry, we can just set it in the back for you if you would like and you can come back and get it. How long will it take you?" So in my head I am calculating having to go home, get JJ and drop BJ off at the church and then come back, with both kids this time. I told her it would be around 5:15. "Ok, she said, I'm off at 5:00 so when you come back just go over to Teresa on aisle three and she will get you taken care of." Then she went and told Teresa the situation and got me all taken care of. Wasn't that nice! I am sure they deal with this often, but it was my first time and I was incredibly embarrased. But she made it soooo easy.

So back home I went, and made it in time to get JJ dressed (yes, he was still in his pajamas. LOL), kids reloaded in the truck and BJ dropped off at the church at 5:05. That was as close as we could make it. Then back to the store I go. This time with 2 kids. I park in the parking lot and have to load one kid on each hip, because I left my ring sling for Cooper at the house and JJ will not hold my hand. So I'm quite a site carrying two kids at a time. Of course I could have gotten a cart, but then what would I do? I already had a cart loaded up with groceries inside! hahaha. OH My. Now of course, here comes the tricky part, right inside the store are the 25 cent candy machines. Of course JJ see's them. I figure, hey, I need him to be quiet for a few minutes so I give in and get him a Bubblegum. BAD DECISION! It does quiet him up and he obeys me and we go back to aisle three where Teresa see's me in the line and asks the bagger to go get my cart. So Nice! When I get up there, they have it all ready for me and I pay and get ready to go. Teresa, (My second super hero) asks if JJ can have a sticker. I say sure. She picks out a hippo and gives it to him. Now here is where the bubble gum comes in. Right after getting the sticker, JJ throws up. Right in the middle of the checkout lane. He was laughing at the hippo and choked on the bubble gum. I still have Cooper on my hip (who has a stinky diaper) and I'm trying to keep JJ out of the throw up and he is crying. Now comes two more super heros with paper towels, garbage bin, and cleaner. Now I am really really embarrased. Not only did I forget my wallet, but my kid threw up in the store. I am apologizing like crazy, and Teresa says, "Don't worry, we all have kids and have been in your situation before. Its ok, we'll handle it."

SOOOOO NICE!!! One of the ladies even pushed my cart out to the truck. Which is good because at this point, who knows what else I would have managed to mess up. JJ even got a new Hippo sticker and the cutest thing happened. When I was putting him in his car seat in the truck, he points to the sticker and says "Hippo" and makes a sound, that surprisingly sounds like a hippo. Where the heck did he learn that!?

So all in all, it turned out ok. But definitely embarrasing in the moment. I am just thankful to those wonderful ladies at Super One who made it not so embarrasing and helped me keep my composure enough to make it back home. Thank You for helpful strangers! A little kindness sure goes a long way!!

Anywho, I'm off again. Got to go pick up BJ.

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